Ciphering personalised generative jewellery

Ciphering is a personalised ring which physical form encodes numbers of your choosing.

The message becomes visible only when you take the ring off your finger and either shine light, or look through it in a correct angle.

Your input of four numbers and four letters are fed to an algorithm that generates the unique shape.

First the form is 3D printed in wax, and subsequently cast in silver, bronze or gold plated brass.

How it works

You can directly look through the ring, Or shine light through it.
Align the ring so that the top and bottom taper converge towards the eye or the light source.
The digits become visible when the ring is correctly oriented.


  1. You enter date, intials, ring size and material of choice.
  2. A 3D model is individually generated.
  3. You get a preview rendering and price quote.
  4. You order and pay for your ring at Shapeways.
  5. Shapeways produces your individual ring.
  6. … and shipped to you!


Please note: All prices are approximations
The parameters affect the total volume of the metal slightly, and hence the price. You will get an accurate quote when you proceed to «Get a quote».

These will be «engraved» on the ring inside


Ciphering stemmed from a research project between the Berlin University of the Arts and the Technical University Berlin, funded by the Einsteinstiftung, under hybrid plattform.

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